Monday, October 26, 2009

Here I am with our Arop-Sissano friend. This exhibit at WordSpring had ten different people groups from around the world displayed in their traditional dress. Also, if you pressed a button they would speak John 3:16 in thier own language. To help us blend in better while we are in Papua New Guinea I am going to dress like this fellow.
We visited the WordSpring Discover Center at Wycliffe and met this gentleman from the Arop-Sissano tribe in Papua New Guinea. A translation is currently underway for the Arop-Sissano people group.

Our Trip to Wycliffe Assoicates Headquarters in Orlando, FL

Kim and I recently had the opportunity to visit the Wycliffe Associates world headquarters in Orlando Florida. We attended a few days of training and received a lot of guidance for our rapidly approaching departure for Papua New Guinea! Praise the Lord, while we were in Florida we were able to change our health insurance provider and thereby reduce the amount of money needing to be raised by approximately $12,000! We also met several people who have been to Ukarumpa and were able to visit with them and see lots of pictures of what life in PNG is like.