Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Smith

We have a friend named Enock that lives in Anamonampa village.  Jacob met him on Easter Saturday, and since then we have been working to build a relationship with him and his family.  Enock and his family have been to our house for lunch once, and to tell us stories and eat snacks lots of times.
 Enock's wife Jacinta had a little baby about a week before Easter and she has proudly toted little baby Smith around the valley and to our house several times.  Over the past month, little Smith has been having some medical problems and has had to spend some time in the hospital.  Yesterday we arrived home in the early evening after attending a wedding and found an email from another missionary that knows Enock informing us that Smith had died.  This morning we went to Enock's village to support and grieve with him and his family.

 Enock requested that we take a picture of the family with Smith one last time before they bury him tomorrow.  Smith died from a hole in his heart, an ailment that would have been treatable had he been in a developed country, but is a death sentence here in PNG.

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  1. what a tragedy. I'm sorry to hear that... tell the family that they are being prayed for by us in America.