Sunday, August 22, 2010

Greetings Everyone

At our prevous house we had a yard man named Kuri.  A yard man is like a gardener; he mows the lawn and tends all of the flowers and other plants in the yard.  By hiring a yard man, it gives people from the local villages a chance to make some cash, and it frees missionaries up to focus on their ministry rather than their yard.  Kuri was the yard man at the house when we moved in, so we just kept him on.  One day, Kuri was working on the pineapple patch in the garden because the pineapple leaves were yellowing.  Kuri told us it was because there were grubs getting to the roots.  Kuri up-rooted all of the pineapple plants, and sure enough grubs were the culprit.  After removing the grubs Kuri re-planted the pineapple plants and then gathered up all of the grubs to take home with him because, as I am sure you all know, they are tasty in a stew!

Jacob and Kim

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