Friday, January 7, 2011

Tasmania Pictures!

                                                 The Town of Penguin, Tasmania!

                                                               Road Hazard!

                                          I think the rainfly should be longer than that...

                                                              That's better.

Kim on the Hunt for Fairy Pengins.


Kim Brotzler, Wambat Spotter!

Our Cradle Mountain Campground...Brrrr.

Bushy Tailed!

Kim at Cradle Mountain.

Jacob by the tent at a sketchy campground.

Kim and the tent at an ocen front camp site.

Ahhh...the Ocean...brrr.

Hiking to Wine Glass Bay (in the background)

Fish and Chips!

Fish and Chips!

Kim on Penguin Patrol.

Mmmm....Tasmanian Wine.

Our Campsite right on the ocean...we had a Bushy Tailed Possum screaming at us in the night.

Waiting for the Ferry back to the mainland.

Just chillin'

Jacob in his Ocean Recliner, only 9 hours until Melbourne!

Poppy Fields.

Sea Sponge Hat!

Rock Lobster!

The elusive Fairy Penguin!

Paddy Melon!

Jacob with an abolone shell he found.


Watch out for Fairy Penguins!

The Bay of Fires!

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