Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The glaciers!

 Our view of Fox Glacier.  We were unable to get any closer because of the update below.

The update reads, "The track has been washed away by flooding. Extreme rockfall hazard exists which makes the access very unsafe.  Being guided is a safe option."
Zooming in on the other warnings.

Being that taking a guided adventure was out of our budget, we opted to take in the views and then move on to the other local glacier. 

Fox Glacier once again from a lookout down the road a bit.

We drove 30 minutes to Franz Joseph Glacier.  Thankfully this glacier was safe and we were able to hike over the end moraine--ie rocks forming in front of the glacier--and come close to the glacier itself. 

 Kim making friends with the local ranger.

 A beautiful waterfall on the way to the glacier.

 We did it!  The glacier is in the background.

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