Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On the way to the west coast

Our campsite outside of Queenstown on our way towards the west coast of New Zealand.  We were staying in a sheep pasture with other campers.

A weka at our next campground.  A weka is a flightless bird much like the kiwi but is seen more often because it is not nocturnal.  It is about the size of a chicken.

Another campground next to a lake.   We ordered a pizza from a local pizza place and went to bed early as we were exhausted from our traveling.

The next day we spent in Hokitika looking for a jade necklace for Kim.  Carved jade is one of the souvenirs that are prized from New Zealand because carved jade is a traditional craft of the Moari people, New Zealand's natives.  Jacob also got a traditional carving made out of whalebone.

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