Monday, May 16, 2011

Off to Rotorua

Does anyone recognize this mountain?  For those Lord of the Rings is Mount Doom.  It is actually one mountain in a series of three mountains that you see while you are driving along one of the highways on the North Island.

Having a picnic next to Lake Taupo.  We had some visitors stop by.

Jake couldn't resist feeding them.

Then they came closer....

With the whole family.....They got a little too close for comfort and were getting aggressive.  We decided it was time for our picnic to be over and for us to continue driving.

We took a brief stop at Huka Falls, outside of Taupo.

Another view from Huka Falls.

This was our craziest camping adventure yet.  We were camping next to a small lake outside of Rotorua.  It started raining at 8:30 pm and it didn't stop until morning.  We got like 7 inches over night!  And we were in our little tent.  Needless to say, neither of us slept very well.  Visions of flashfloods and our tent drifting away filled our heads.  Praise the Lord our tent stayed dry on the inside.  We later found out that it was the most rain that the town had received in one night since 1969!  There had been all kinds of warnings about not driving that night due to flash-flooding and whatnot.  Little did we know since we were in the middle of nowhere that night...

This pond didn't exist the day before.

Landslide carnage.  What an adventure!

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