Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To the mainland US!

We didn't know what to think as we landed in the mainland US.  We had spent so much time thinking about what it would feel like and now here we were.  We stopped in Los Angeles for a few days to see Kim's sister, Tammy.

Tammy and her friend, Ashley, took us out for cupcakes at "Sprinkles" close to Rodeo Drive.

We had a visitor while at "Sprinkles".  It was a long haired chihuahua named  Topper  with a pearl necklace and, you guessed it, painted toenails.

Jake was comparing his fashion sense to that of the people who shop on Rodeo Drive.

It was a beautiful day.  We walked around by the ritzy stores and stopped in at Tiffany's just for fun.

Here is proof that we were there.

Walking back to our car.

We took a drive through Beverly Hills on the way home.

Some of the houses were amazing!

Notice Kim's new haircut.  Tammy gave Kim a new haircut for her birthday.  It felt great for Kim to get a haircut after months of traveling.

We were able to meet with Kim's friends, Denise and Jacob, and their family at Downtown Disney for lunch.  It was fun to see the whole family.

We had a great time visiting Tammy and it was hard to say goodbye but we were ready to get home to Montana!

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