Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week of Oct. 17th

This week's picture of the week is of Jacob's water project.  The 1.5 meter diameter culverts Jacob has been waiting for finally arrived and he was able to get the end sections welded shut, essentially making the pipes into tanks.  He then was able to hire a national contractor named Jimmy to assemble and place the tanks.  The first tank was finished and placed on Wednesday, and the second was placed on Saturday.  (The picture is from Friday morning).  As you can see in the picture, the tanks are large, 1.5 meter diameter by 10 meters long and each weight over a ton.  The steel for the tanks is lowered by hand into the hole and then each piece needs to be cleaned, and all of the joints sealed with putty prior to bolting the sections together.  A 9-inch diameter PVC pipe with holes drilled in it is placed within each of the tanks (This pipe will collect water from the tanks and convey it to the pump).  Once the tanks were completed they were moved into their final resting position by hand.  (The second tank was placed down in the hole parallel to the first tank that is already in position in the photo).   Praise the Lord; no one was hurt during the construction and placement of the tanks.


Jacob and Kim

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