Monday, October 11, 2010

Week of Sept.26th

Prior to Justin and Tammy coming to visit we had several of our national friends asking if we could take Justin and Tammy to their houses.  Obviously, there was only so much time, so we could not visit all of our friends, but were able to visit two of them.  On Saturday, we walked over to Bae' Village to visit Jacob's friend Steve and his family.  Steve was one of Jacob's guys on the water project and has become a good friend.  Bae' Village is a beautiful village full of very wonderful people.  It is a stark contrast to Ukarumpa Village in the fact that Ukarumpa Village has been attacked and burned twice in the last year and everyone is living in small shacks made from burnt out roofing iron.  Bae' Village is peaceful and the people live in grass huts.  Steve wanted to show us how to do a mumu so we could do one for our family when we got home, so he went through the whole procedure with us, explaining what and why he was doing each step.  Then while the mumu was cooking he walked us throughout the whole village, it was very nice.  At the end of the day Steve and his family presented us with necklaces and bilums.  Steve really took a liking to Justin and in addition to a bilum presented him with his own bow and four beautifully carved arrows.  Attached is a picture of the four of us with Steve's family.

Jacob and Kim

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