Monday, October 11, 2010

Week of Sept. 19th

You may have noticed that we have not sent out a picture of the week for the last three weeks.  That is because we have been out and about showing our siblings (Jacob's brother and Kim's sister) around PNG!  We were very excited to have Justin and Tammy come visit us.  We spent one week at Ukarumpa during which time Justin helped Jacob on his water project, and Tammy and Kim hung out and toured the clinic on center.  On Thursday our friend Enok from Ukarumpa Village invited us over to his house for a mumu (traditional PNG feast).  At the mumu we sat around and ate traditional PNG foods while sharing stories.  The people were very happy to have Justin and Tammy visiting PNG and Enok presented the four of us with bilums (traditional PNG bags).  One of Enoks friends, George, took a liking to Justin and at the end of the mumu feast stood up and took off his own bilum and presented it to Justin right then and there.  It was a great time with friends and family.  Here's a picture of the four of us with Enok's family.


Jacob and Kim

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