Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alice Springs, the middle of the Outback

We took the Greyhound from Cooper Peedy to Alice Springs, where we were greeted by David and Margaret Hewitt who let us stay in their home for a few days.

Kim trying kangaroo meat.  It tasted like venison.  (While shopping for this dinner, we also saw a freezer labeled "Kangaroo Tails" at the grocery store.  We opened it up and it was full of kangaroo tails....fur and all.  A favorite among the local Aboriginal people. We opted for the steaks instead...)

Photos from a camel ride in the Outback.  It was just as the sun was going down and the weather was beautiful.  (This was one of Kim's favorite things that we did.)  There are actually millions of camels in the Outback....who knew?

Not the most comfortable ride but not bad.

On the trail.

Somebody pinch me....are we really on a camel in the Outback?

A singing camel...just kidding just another goofy looking animal.

And another one... 

Aah...the holidays in Australia...

Wow...we are a LONG ways from home!

Saying good-bye to Margaret and David at the train station.

Getting ready to board the Ghan train to Darwin (northern Australia).

On the way to the train.

On the train....our little home for the next 24 hours.  Next stop Katherine, then Darwin!

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