Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sydney, famous for the Opera House and the Harbor

We stayed with our friends Elyse and Brad in one of the suburbs of Sydney and then we took the train into town to see the sights.

We went to one of the Hillsong churches in the area.  Hillsong has a well-known worship group that is known worldwide.  The worship time of the service was quite an experience.

The Opera House!!!  It was a amazing to see it for ourselves.  It is actually comprised of 6 different theaters.  Who knew?

The famous Harbor Bridge, right across from the Opera House.  You can actually pay to climb over the bridge and I hear the view from the top is great.  We stayed on the ground and were just thankful that Kim was in the area to keep the bridge from falling into the water.

Jake so excited to visit Luna Park, an amusement park on the Harbor.

 Luna Park

One of the many street performers in downtown Sydney.

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