Friday, February 18, 2011

On to New Zealand!

Here is just a snapshot of our three weeks in New Zealand:

On Jan. 12th at midnight, we landed in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Christ Church Cathedral on the square in downtown Christchurch.

We went to the Canterbury Museum.  It was a free museum and one of the best that we had been to.  It had artifacts from the Moari people (native people here), an Antartic floor, info. about moas...a large extinct bird bigger than an emu, history on Christchurch, and many other amazing exhibits.

Kim learning all about the different species of kiwis.

 Earthquake damage was evident around the downtown area.

Jake found a friendly little hedgehog at our campground.  (Look close to Kim's feet.)

While in Christchurch, we found out that many countries use Christchurch, New Zealand as their base for traveling to and from we thought, "Why not venture to Antartica ourselves?"

Waiting for a snowstorm.

Jake making sure the sled is running like it should.

Ooh...the inside of that tent looks warm!

Kim braving the elements.

What is wrong with this photo?

Now if you are a good detective, you would have seen that Kim's footwear is totally inappropriate for the conditions.  Thus making the whole Antartica trip questionable......

So the International Antartic Center wasn't quite the same as going to Antartica....but it sure came close....

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