Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our first wilderness campsite near Geraldine.

Our home for our time in New Zealand.

Not a bad view from the tent.

A few other campers and then these were our next nearest neighbors. 
Sheep actually are all over New Zealand and there are like twelve of them to each one person in New Zealand.

We were staying outside of Geraldine.  A town famous for having the world's largest sweater.  We didn't even know that before we came....Imagine!

On to Lake Tekapo, a tourist town on the way to Mount Cook.  This is a famous little church next to the lake.

Close to our new campsite.

One of our first views of Mount Cook.  We were told that we were lucky if we would be able to see the top of it because usually it is surrounded by clouds.  It ended up being a gorgeous day.

A hike towards Mount Cook.

One of the two swing bridges over raging glacial rivers that we had to cross on our hike.

Jake getting ready to cross one.  Don't look down!

The view from the end of the hike.  Notice the glacier on the righthand side of the photo.

Watchig the sunset on Mount Cook.

This was one of our favorite nights in all of our time in New Zealand.  It was so beautiful!

The next morning we stopped by an iceberg-filled lake on our way out from Mount Cook.

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