Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cooper Peedy (cont.)

Cooper Peedy is located near the world's longest fence, created to keep dingos away from sheep farms.

And it stretches for miles and miles and miles

The search for the perfect opal for Kim was tricky but the search finally ended at this underground store.

Kim trying opals on.  Hmmm...which one is the best?

Jake making the big purchase.

Kim modeling her new opal.

A view of one of the main streets in town.  Notice the Christmas decorations.  A bit different from celebrating the holidays in Montana!

Touring an old opal mine made into a museum....
Hardhats were essential.

Posing with one of the manequins in the mine.

Jake exploring the mine.

The most expensive opal found at the museum gift shop.  It's a good thing Kim found a necklace at the other store!

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