Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sydney (cont.)

 One day we took the commuter ferry into town instead of the train.  The ferry was a great way to travel because it helped you to see how big the harbor is and gave you a different view of the city.

This is what the harbor looked like all the way to the city.  Houses everywhere!

Sydney skyline

Downtown Sydney with the ferry terminal straight ahead.

We switched to a larger ferry to head out to Manly Beach, a 45 min. ride to a beautiful beach.

We saw many sailboats along the way.  The waves actually were really rocking the ferry as we traveled past the inlet to the ocean so that was a little crazy.  Thankfully it was 5 minutes of serious rocking and then it stopped. 

Manly Beach.  It was a beautiful beach where you could take surfing lessons if you wanted to brave the waves.

Another view of the beach.

We took a walk down the beach and took in the beautiful views.

The view from the ferry as we were going away from Manly.

To commemorate our last night in Australia, we decided to go to a show at the Opera House.  Le Grand Cirque was an amazing show with very talented people.  The various acts were literally unbelievable.

Jake climbing the steps inside the Opera House to get to the correct theater.

The following are views from inside the Opera House:

A brief step outside at intermission.

The view outside once the show was over.

Thenext day...saying goodbye to Elyse at the train station.

Saying goodbye to Australia.  New Zealand here we come!!!

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